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Who I am

Do you know anyone who has been frustrated by their REALTOR® or real estate transactions?

Whether building or diversifying your portfolio, I help advise investors in making winning decisions on buying property and marketing sales to maximise return on investment, with the benefit of full service and satisfaction from beginning to end.

How I work for you

My specialty is investment real estate. With great success managing my own properties, I endeavour to share and apply my experience for the benefit of my clients. Based on this, I treat real estate as a consulting business rather than a sales business; the subtle distinction here lies in my approach. Rather than making blanket recommendations to buy or sell, I elicit client needs to understand their goals and offer my professional advice according to present market conditions and future prognoses. Through this, I look out for the best interest of my client. At times, although making a sale would mean commission for me, I have recommended that clients hold on selling until market conditions improve for their type of property. It is of paramount importance to be proactive and anticipate the market rather than react to it. Business must be approached with win-win scenarios, as I am only as successful as my clients.

Every property has strengths that can be highlighted to make it attractive; not every property will suit every buyer, and qualified buyers must be communicated with in terms that they will understand. Eighty percent of the battle in selling a property is pricing it right, while the remaining twenty percent depends on your message and whether you have used the proper marketing channels for the target audience.

My story

Long before becoming a REALTOR®, I started investing in real estate. Learning of the deepest ice-free natural harbour in North America  opening on the northern coast of British Columbia, I took an overnight road trip with two friends in 2006 to investigate the isolated real estate market of Prince Rupert. This was to be the port of all ports, closest to Asia and with direct road and rail links to key markets in North America. On this fateful trip ten years ago, I bought my first investment property in BC, which has long paid for itself and I still hold to this day; in fact, it is my most valuable property based on cash flow and ROI. Since then, I have bought and sold my own investment properties in Edmonton, starting with small bachelor condos and eventually multiple fourplexes.

In 2011, I decided to fully commit myself to real estate and soon after graduated real estate school at the top of my class. However, it is not education that matters in real estate, but your track record. Apropos, I have expanded my business by 20% to 30% year over year.

Let me put my experience to work for you

Your real estate success is my top priority. Whether you’re already managing a portfolio or it’s your first foray into property, you can count on me to help you maximise your return on investment (ROI).

I look forward to earning your trust and gaining the opportunity of working with you. Call or text me at 780 66 77 427 or send me a message using the form below.



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